I’m so Happy I Baked You a Cake!

I mentioned baking a cake and The Husband was down! We have been married a few months and I have not baked him a thing due to my endeavor to loose weight. But why not? I was feeling super domestic. I had plans of doing a metric shit ton of laundry (we’re going out of town this weekend),  and making my first beef stroganoff and now a chocolate cake with butter cream frosting. With the added bonus of having to open a bottle of red wine for the stroganoff and getting to gulp down the rest of the magnum to get through the laundry. And believe it or not it turned out splendidly.

I also warmed up some frozen green peas, corn and pearl onions topped with feta cheese. He loved it! And even exclaimed it was the best stroganoff he had ever had. Which is awesome but considering how man recipes I found online that called for cream of mushroom soup I’m not surprised. I’m not a rock star chef but by sauteing the mushrooms, onions and garlic in butter separate, and then searing the beef in individual strips after being marinated, and then making the sauce separately from scratch it has to be good. You could throw all those yummy ingredients together into the catbox and have them edible.

The chocolate cake I ripped straight from the Hershey’s website. And the frosting is just a simple butter, cream, powder sugar and vanilla extract mix. I wanted it to be purple and green but ended up with yellow and pink. I get nervous with food coloring, I want to see the color but not taste it. And since this is my first cake to my new husband I topped it with the wedding topper that his Uncles family got us at the party they threw for us after our civil ceremony.

I’m still holding out big hopes that we will still have a “real” wedding with all of our friends and family someday. But hey, it will happen when it’s meant to happen. (After I loose 100lbs and can fit into a dress). Lol.

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