California is a Big Ass State.

I moved to San Diego from the SF Bay Area on a complete whim with the thought that “well I’m still in the same state, if So-Cal sucks I’ll just move back up North”. I decided to move on Wednessday, quit my job Thursday and moved Friday. And here I remain 5 years later with a job I really enjoy and a husband that I am totally head over heals in love with.

However, I’d say 85% of my friends and family are in the Bay Area, 10% are in San Diego and 5% are spread around the country. I’m still in California but a whopping 500 miles away from most of those that I love dearly.

That’s why I’m absolutely thrilled to be going to Oakland this weekend! We have jam packed weekend full of friends n’ family, food n’ booze and as much debauchery as I can muster. And tomorrow night The Husband and I are going on a super hot double date with my BFF and her husband! I can’t even tell you how awesome this is!

My bags are packed and our boarding passes are printed. See you next week!

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