We Had the Best Time Ever!

Me, The Husband, T and Her Husband.

We had so much fun. It was so nice to spend some real quality time with my BFF. Next time I might not drink so much hard booze though. Sheesh, she really kicked my ass. (Yes, I’m totally blaming her). I’m not sure anyone noticed but I even got a little weepy at dinner talking about us living so far away from each other. I always assumed we would raise our munchkins together. Now she has 3 that I rarely see and mine are still a twinkle in The Husbands eye.

WOW. I’m fat!! It’s funny I look down and I see fat. But seeing a actual full length picture of myself is astonishing! It’s time to buckle down and get on the diet and exercise. Because guess what? My parents bought the 4 of us tickets to Europe and Lebanon! I can’t even believe it. Rome, Paris and Beirut oh my! I have less than 4 months to loose 100lbs and the holidays staring me in the face. Yikes!

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