I’m Terrified of Parking Meters.

This morning I awoke to the above picture and this text from my girlfriend C in North Carolina.

“So the city of raleigh numbers the parking on the street and only has one meter per block… and it’s made of plastic. your fear of meters will not exist here.”

You see I  lived downtown San Francisco for most of my early 20’s. The streets are lined with old school hardened steel parking meters. And the sidewalks have seen many many earthquakes. So my biggest fear in the world was tripping on the sidewalk, slamming my face into a meter and knocking all my teeth out. I can totally see it happening all in slow motion. I’m walking along and my toe catches on a raised crack, my upper body flies forward with my momentum, my arms are flailing to try and catch my balance, and bam! my face smashes into the meter and all my teeth fall clattering to the pavement. Seriously, I’ve seen it happen in my nightmares many times. I’m truly terrified of parking meters. What? It’s an everyday scenario and a totally rational fear!

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