I Found the Money Tree.

Not really. But I did find money under a tree tonight! I was walking through our courtyard carrying laundry to the laundry room when I found a wallet. Being the upright citizen that I am I gave it to The Husband to investigate the owner while I went about with my domestic duties. There was no ID or phone numbers so he called the number on the back of the Wells Fargo bank card. The customer service person informed him that he could not call the customer and notify them that the wallet was found and he was cancelling the card and that was that, good night! Bummer. I guess this is for the safety of the card owner? In case we might be luring them into a trap? Earlier this year I found a wallet in my work parking lot. I called one of the credit card companies, they called the owner, the owner worked 2 doors down and was elated to come retrieve the wallet from me with the very large amount of cash still in it. I totally get the safety thing though. If I got a call that said “go to apartment #69, they’ve got your stuff”, I’d be very apprehensive and would definitely bring my posse and guns. Is there a better option? Bringing the wallet to the bank to be retrieved? I don’t know, obviously Wells Fargo doesn’t want to be held responsible for any possible scenario. So we did the old school thing and put a sign up in the laundry room “Wallet found! Call xxx-xxxx and we are happy to give it back.” It won’t be hard to screen that call, the wallet is very very flamboyant and Marilyn Monroe themed. There is no way to describe it without having owned it!

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