Home for the Holidays.

We’ve just made the long pilgrimage home for Thanksgiving. Heh. We decided to drive from San Diego to the SF Bay Area this year and take the whole week off work. The Husband had a really late night out the night before we left and I drove the whole way up while he snoozed. Which is fine, the Sunday after Thanksgiving drive home is going to be brutal and twice as long and he can handle that for us.

We stopped in LA and visited with some of The Husband’s family on our way up which was really nice. I baked some chocolate chip cookies and brought them flowers. They are so kind to us and I feel like we should do more for them and visit more often. It’s hard to know what they like and what they would appreciate. I’ve only visited them a few times since we got married and there are definitely some cultural differences. The standard bottle of booze gift is not appropriate for them! The rest of the drive was pretty uneventful except that it poured the whole way and we hit quite a bit of traffic.

The Husband shocked me by wanting to make dinner for the whole family the first night we were here. He’s never cooked for me at home and I was skeptical, but it turned out awesome. He made falafel with all the fixings and it was delicious! I asked him why he hadn’t cooked for me before and he said that he didn’t want me to know that he could cook because my cooking was so good. The twerp! I’m going to make him start cooking for us at home every now and again.

We’re having a fantastic time visiting with family and friends. And of course eating and drinking waaaaay too much. Today’s Tuesday so Mom and I are doing last minute shopping, tomorrow we’ll starting cooking and Thursday is Turkey Day! It’s so nice to get here a few days prior and be able to help out and spend some real quality time visiting with everyone! Sunday football with all the munchkins with so much fun. And I won’t even get into the details of the 108 proof Scottish whiskey we drank last night that fueled an impromptu karaoke session! 5 more days of fun…

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