I’m the Panda with the Plan.

Yesterday I should have started Project Panda with guns blazing, a perfect diet and exercise ready to go. But it just didn’t happen. We got home late Sunday night from our Thanksgiving vacation so I was unprepared for a Monday start. However, I’m now a Panda with a plan!

Today my meals are slated:

  • Breakfast- Some cubed and cooked tofu
  • Lunch- Salad of Romaine, apples, corn, chicken, feta and balsamic vinnagrette
  • Before Gym Snack- Veg patty with a slice of cheese
  • Optional Snack- Carrots
  • Dinner- I’m on my own, The Husband is playing poker. So probably something easy like a turkey patty and peas

So far, so good! I’m starting the gym routine slow. Tonight I’m doing 30 mins on a stationary bike and will do that after work for the rest of the week. Next week I’ll bump it up, and start adding more diverse activities in. Fingers crossed, hopefully I’ll be up to starting to jog again by January.


So this is what I logged today, not too bad for Day 1. Tomorrow my log will include exercise!

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