Fighting My Way Into the Dirty 30’s.

I turn 31 this weekend. That sounds so crazy to me, I really didn’t think I would live this long. I still can’t believe I’m even married. When did I become a grown up?

It should be a fun weekend. I have friends in town for the Raider vs. Charger game. We are going out to fondue tomorrow night followed by some dancing downtown. Then on Sunday we are tailgaiting with my friends before the game. The tickets are way too expensive so we aren’t going to the actual game. But tailgaiting is the best part! And all these friends live out of town so it will be great to spend some time with them. Then on Monday (my actual birthday) I’m taking the day off work to get my passport taken care of and maybe doing something nice for myself. The Husband wanted to go to Universal Studios but I’m not sure if we’ll make it. I might be pooped from the weekend and just really want to enjoy a relaxing day off work at home. Up until recently I’ve been working 2 jobs/ 7 days a week, so spending a day at home is still really special to me. Especially if includes snuggies with The Husband. Or maybe The Husband planned something special for me that I don’t know about. Haha!

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