Burning Panda’s Dubstep Hookah Lounge!

I have a vision for our next Burning Man trip! I really want a theme camp so we can set up early and enjoy even more of our time in Black Rock. I want a dome like the last couple years times two. I want one that will be a comfortable set up for hookah and new friends and another for our personal cooking and day time napping like years before.

The year before last just The Roommate and I went like this.

Last year The Husband, The Roommate and I rented a truck and went like this. But next year I want to rent something bigger or maybe be towing a trailer with the art car and bikes on it.

But I really want this year to be the year that we have a fully operational theme camp that shares hookah and bevvies with everyone in the setting of awesome ass mother fucking dubstep!

I have  vision but really need a dope crew. Shoots, we are going to Europe 2 months before Burning Man, I hope we can afford anything close to my dreams. Which also includes a non pictured panda art car/golf cart, all our bikes and swimming pool!

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