Stopping to Smell the Roses.


I got flowers just because The Husband loves me. Or he wanted to shut me up. Either way I don’t care because I got flowers!

When The Husband came to pick me up for our first date January 13th, 2009, he lead me around the car and opened the door for me where I discovered a single red rose sitting on the seat for me. I was much more slender then and wearing tall PlåÝboy wedges. Fast forward almost 2 years and I have never been that slender again, I have never worn heels again and He has never gotten me another rose. Talk about false advertising on both our parts! Until yesterday when I came home there was a beautiful bouquet waiting for me. I guess I better start loosing weight and wearing sexy shoes. One thing is consistent though, He always always still opens the car door for me.

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2 Responses to Stopping to Smell the Roses.

  1. Mark says:

    You got yourself a Gentleman there. Good for you girl!
    Your Friend, m.

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