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What Do You Do While You are Driving?

I take pictures while I drive. Well technically I think the car has to be moving for it to be counted as driving. So more accurately, I take pictures while I’m parked in traffic on the freeway trying to get … Continue reading

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Why Did the Whale Cross the Sea?

To get to the other TIDE! The weather was beautiful and sunny last weekend. The Husband was off with friends and I had the most lovely day by myself. I went down to the beach and watched the surfers and … Continue reading

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Extremely Intoxicated Taco Salad.

I don’t a have picture of my taco salad because I got really drunk on vodka while I was making it. I should have been drinking tequila! Thinly sliced cabbage Thinly sliced romaine Taco seasoned ground beef Pinto beans Red … Continue reading

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My Cousin J.

My cousin J and his Father were very close. After J’s Father passed last year he wrote the following poem. It really touched me and I am posting it with his permission. I wish you were here but you’re there … Continue reading

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We Got Our Burning Man Tickets Today!

Burning Man 2010 after a super windy dust storm next to one of the big sound systems where we were dancing. I’m so excited, last year was awesome! Last year was The Husband’s first year and he absolutely loved it … Continue reading

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We’re Back and I Told You So.

This is the most water I’ve ever seen in the lake this time of year. Usually they drain it in the winter so there is room for the snow to melt. But this year’s extreme rain storms refilled it after … Continue reading

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Heading for the Hills and Off the Grid.

Pics from a cabin trip last March. We are headed for the hills and I am so excited! We are taking some of The Husband’s family and meeting my Parents at our cabin this weekend. It’s going to be a … Continue reading

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January 13, 2009.

I was home for the holidays at my parent’s house when I decided to cancel my online dating account. I hated the controlled communication and all the time wasted answering multiple choice questions just to make it to the open … Continue reading

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Shrimpy Salad and the Muffins.

This shrimp salad was not shrimpy at all, it was huge and delicious! Romaine lettuce Bay shrimp (tossed in a little lemon and salt) Kidney beans Red onion Russian dill pickles Hardboiled egg Avocado As long as I’m working on … Continue reading

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A Few Fun Festivus Photos from My Phone.

I usually take a metric shit ton of pictures over the holidays but this year I didn’t. These are a few photos I snagged with my phone. I’m definitely missing a lot of pics of some of my oldest friends … Continue reading

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