January 13, 2009.

I was home for the holidays at my parent’s house when I decided to cancel my online dating account. I hated the controlled communication and all the time wasted answering multiple choice questions just to make it to the open communication stage and discover that the guy couldn’t string together a single intelligent sentence or had some other glaring character flaw. I checked my matches one last time and saw “Computer Programmer” and thought cool a nerd! I didn’t read your profile. I just sent an open communication request followed by an email that basically said that this website sucks and hit me up on Gmail yo! And that was that and I deleted my account.

A few days later I was still at my parents house and you totally surprised me with a Google Chat request and I accepted and we started to chat. You were smart and sarcastic and I liked you. We made plans to speak when I got back to San Diego. We texted back and forth and you warned me that you had a slight accent and were Lebanese. I had no idea what flavor Lebanese was and your profile picture just looked like some white dude, so I didn’t think twice about it. You called me and we talked on the phone for hours. Your accent was very slight and I flirtatiously told you that I thought it was hot.

The next day January 13th, 2009 you came and picked me up for our first date. I threw caution to the wind and let you pick me up at my house. You parked out front and greeted me on the sidewalk. I was so nervous and wearing 6″ platforms that I never wear and thought for sure I would fall flat on my face. You opened the car door for me and I found a single red rose sitting on my seat. I was overwhelmed with how romantic and thoughtful that was. We went to a hip Mexican restaurant with a loud bar and fire pits in the trendy part of town. I ordered a vodka drink and you ordered a long island. And I thought “woohoo! dude know’s how to party!”. We had a few rounds with dinner and then moved to the bar for more. I was feeling pretty toasty and I could tell you were too. We decided it would be better to continue our date within walking distance of my house.

We went to my place and I changed into comfy shoes so we could walk to the local dive bar to shoot pool. I hadn’t shot pool in a really long time but was surprisingly holding my own really well. In fact I felt more confident than I ever had playing pool. However my confidence got the better of you and you admitted that you had been letting me win. I was pissed! How dare you patronize me like that!?!? I would much rather get my ass kicked at a real game than have someone let me win. So then you played fair and completely obliterated me every game there after with only one hand just to add insult to injury. Then you said “if I make this shot you have to give me a kiss”. My response was “I’ll kiss you anyways baby!” And I grabbed you by your meaty upper arm and we had our first kiss.

We partied well into the evening and you spent the night at my house after all that drinking. And we didn’t spend a single day apart thereafter for a really long time.

I love you baby, happy 2nd first date anniversary!

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2 Responses to January 13, 2009.

  1. Mark says:

    Happy Anniversary.
    Your Friend, m.

    • Heather says:

      Thanks so much! The Husband said it brought tears to his eyes, I wish I was with him when he read it. We are going back to the same Mexican restaurant tonight.

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