We’re Back and I Told You So.

This is the most water I’ve ever seen in the lake this time of year. Usually they drain it in the winter so there is room for the snow to melt. But this year’s extreme rain storms refilled it after all the water was let out.

We’re back and we had a wonderful time. We took long walks, played in the snow and sledded at the lake. On Sunday we drove up the pass for some gorgeous scenery. In the evenings we played lots of games, drank wine and smoked hookah under the starry mountain sky. It was fabulous to spend such good quality time with family. We had so much fun!

The drive was extremely long but totally worth it. We dropped The Husband’s family off in LA yesterday evening before proceeding home to San Diego in rush hour traffic. Anyone that has ever driven though LA knows how brutal that is, hours and hours of inching along. It is so frustrating and really tests your patience when you have already been in the car 8 hours. But then you get to South Orange County and there are more lanes and it gets a little better. Then finally you get a little further South and the traffic opens up wide and woohoo!! open road!!

Me: “slow down babe, there’s a speed trap coming up”

The Husband: “shut up, I used to drive this in my work commute every day”

Not 2 seconds later we see the cop on the side of the road as we fly past him.

Me looking at The Husband as he grimaces looking in the rear view mirror: “did he get on the freeway?”

The Husband: “yep”

Me: “are his lights on?”

The Husband with a big sigh: “yep”

So there you have it, clocked at 87mph and ticketed. Which is not the fastest speed we had recently been going and the cop lowered it to 80mph because we “didn’t argue”. Who argues? Does arguing ever work? I figure you’re just going to piss the cop off and you might as well be pleasant and hope for the best. I mean what are you going to do? Convince the cop he is mistaken? The cop was actually as nice as he could be. And The Husband and I had a really good laugh when I said “i told you so”.

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