My Cousin J.

My cousin J and his Father were very close. After J’s Father passed last year he wrote the following poem. It really touched me and I am posting it with his permission.

I wish you were here but you’re there

I feel alone and scared

My whole life you were always around

Now only memories to be found

I try not to worry or think

When I do it just makes me sink

I know you want me to do good

To bring you back I would do anything I could

I’m going be to the best I can

Because I learned from a great man

You will always be by my side

Until it’s my turn to catch that ride

That’s when I will see you again

But not for a while my friend

Thanks @U_wanna_be_j, I love you!

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One Response to My Cousin J.

  1. Mark says:

    Very nice.
    I’m looking at the picture and I can see that J’s father was too young to die.
    That is very sad.

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