The Man Who Started it All.

The Husband trying on his suit before he left for Indiana for the services.

Last week we lost someone, The Husband’s Great Uncle George passed away. In 2000 The Husband came to the US from Lebanon sponsored by Uncle George. The Husband left behind his entire family including his parents and siblings. Uncle George put him through college and introduced him to life in the US. After college he took his new found computer genius and moved to San Diego where I met him in 2009. Uncle George’s mind was robbed by Alzheimer’s many years before I met The Husband and I feel terrible that we never visited him in Indiana. How do I express such gratitude to someone now gone? Without his kindness and huge generosity I would not now have The Husband that is my life and future. Thank you Uncle George for all that I have and love, and for the future that is our growing family. I love you.

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One Response to The Man Who Started it All.

  1. Mark says:

    Agreed! You “both” owe Uncle George everything. In fact, I’m sure that his name could find his way to one of your children.
    Your Friend, m.

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