I Love My Muffins, But I am Not Fond of Dead Bodies in My Bed.

I absolutely adore my Muffins (cats). They are affectionately named Boy Cat and Girl Cat. Girl Cat is the one sporting the Hitler stash and Boy Cat is the bigger one. I don’t know what I would do with out them. They are super snuggly, respond when I talk to them and The Boy cat even plays fetch. I love them!

Every morning I go to work and leave The Husband happily snoring in bed. My only request is that he makes the bed every day. I am not a neat freak, I just prefer the cat hair to be on our comforter and not on our sheets. Sometimes I come home to a perfectly made bed and other times I come home to the above pic that totally freaks me out. I’m sure they are pillows but there is always that disconcerting voice in the back of my mind that screams “dead body!”. And the OCD in me cannot go about my business without prodding the lump to make sure it is soft like a pillow and not hard like limbs.

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One Response to I Love My Muffins, But I am Not Fond of Dead Bodies in My Bed.

  1. Mark says:

    It’s rare that our cats sleep on my bed which is great by me. In fact, I lock them in the lower level at night so I can sleep. Don’t hate me! They are fine. It’s the family room as well. I would insist on a properly made bed. I can’t leave the house in the a.m. if my bed is not made. And, I have certain rules about how it should be made so even if Fred tried, I’d strip it and redo it.
    Love your cats!

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