Happy Birthday My Love.

The Husband as a munchkin many years ago in Lebanon.

We’ve been together 2 years now, however this your first birthday and our first Valentine’s Day that we will have celebrated together. 2009 I was out of town because I had made plans before we had met. 2010 tragedy struck our lives and we were apart. But this year 2011 and every year for the rest of years we will be together celebrating the magic of this day that brought you into this world. You are my permanent Valentine forever. I love you so much and promise to make every February 14th the most fun, exciting and romantic day that I can for you. Tonight we are celebrating just the 2 of us and having intimate picnic on the beach. We will snuggle up on a sleeping bag, drink wine, eat cheese and chocolate, and smoke hookah while watching the waves crash in the moonlight. And I will be the happiest woman alive curled up in your arms being forever grateful that today is the day you were born and that you are my Valentine. I love you honey bunz.

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday My Love.

  1. Mark says:

    So romantic! You’re such a girl!
    I hope that you two had a terrific time last night. I could really get into smoking a hookah. That would be cool. Digging those curls on the Husband. But I have a feeling that they are long gone.
    So glad that you could be together yesterday, for once.
    Your Friend, m.

    • Heather says:

      Oh Mark, it was awesome. I smiled like a complete goon totally giddy and buzzed on wine all evening. The only curls the husband has left are not on his head! I’m super curious to see if we make a bunch of cute little curly headed munchkins. The Husband is an avid hookah smoker. In fact in his circle of friends he got them all to kick cigarettes and now there is a hookah at every single persons house. They are straight fiends for it.

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