Dog Sitting the Oz Muffin this Weekend.

Update: Everything went fine, the old fart survived the weekend and is back in his parents’ care. Thanks goodness!

Vid of Ozzie the last time I took care of him. I always send Whodaddy and SS (Southern Sass) pics and vids so they don’t worry.

My bestest friends in San Diego Whodaddy and SS are going to Vegas this weekend. So I get to dog sit the legendary Oz Muffin. Ozzie (named after the baseball player not the rock star) just might be the oldest and happiest Pekingese in the world, he is 15 going on 16 years old. He has no teeth left so his tongue is always lolling out of his short snout. SS affectionately calls him her “smoosh face”. He is very very sweet, very very old and is completely spoiled rotten. He no longer negotiates stairs so you have to carry him like suitcase whenever you take him in or out. When I take care of him he always refuses to eat unless I give him treats, SS says that he is smarter than me and has me trained. Whatever, he’s almost 16!! Here’s to a happy and healthful weekend! Wish me luck I’m freakin’ out about the old ass muffin, he better be good on my watch!

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4 Responses to Dog Sitting the Oz Muffin this Weekend.

  1. Mark says:

    You better hope that he survives the weekend. Don’t go schmobbing with him!
    I got a real old dog too. He’s a good one. I also have a little bitch who gets on my nerves. m.

  2. Dixon says:

    Love it, ozzie will definitly be on his best behavior

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