I’m Going to Take the Random Coffins as a Good Omen.

3 coffins in the back yard of the house we are considering renting.

The Husband and I desperately want to move into a bigger place just the two of us. We currently live in a teeny tiny 2 bedroom 2 bath condo with no garage, no storage and a Roommate. In addition to the lions share of the rent we also pay $100 a month for a storage unit to store computers and our camping gear. The Husband runs his computer repair business out of our living room and the Roommate’s beer brewing occupies a corner of our dining room. Needless to say I can’t have more than a couple people over at a time and can’t ever really entertain. I love our Roommate, we have been the best of friends for years but it is time to move on. Plus He works really odd hours and is extremely sensitive to sound so we are always tip toeing around him. Besides it’s just time for me to be alone with The Husband just the two of us. I want to be married and revel in this awesome stage of our relationship.

So we have been house hunting. It’s a financially an awkward time for us right now with The Husband’s business being inconsistent but picking up speed and us spending the whole month of April in Europe and Lebanon. I keep vacillating between just wanted to go balls to the wall and emptying our bank accounts and moving, or sticking out our current situation just a little bit longer and feeling a little richer when we are traveling. We both want to move so badly and right away, I’m just not sure what we should do.

Friday we looked at a cool house a few blocks away from where we currently live and we both really like it. We would still be 2 blocks from the beach and my commute wouldn’t be any farther than it already is. It’s an older house so the layout is a little funky but is a house. Not an apartment, not a condo but a house for only $1600. The downfalls are that it is surrounded by apartment complexes so there is no privacy in they yard, the yard is completely asphalt like a parking lot, and it’s on a loud busy street that is on loud busy train tracks.  We are used to the trains already but not the street so much. The pluses are that it is a house priced at what most apartments cost in this neighborhood, the big yard would be great for building and storing an art car or RV, there is weird 1/2 back bedroom for The Husband’s computers, and there is washer and dryer hookups. I’ve never had a washer and dryer before! That is epic in all of itself. Plus there are 3 coffins that the previous tenants have left behind and I consider that a huge bonus and a good omen to boot!

So what to do? What to do?

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3 Responses to I’m Going to Take the Random Coffins as a Good Omen.

  1. Mark says:

    That’s a tough one! I mean, I love to have a lot of room but would the house come with a lot of work as well? I know that you are just renting it but are you sure that the landlord would maintain a house to suit you vs a condo in a building with little maintenance? Let me ask you this, would you be satisfied for a long time in your current apartment if the roommate was gone? If the answer is yes, then maybe just get another apartment that is the same size or a little bigger for what you are paying now. You will no longer have the roommates income to help you but you already know. Also, what is he planning on doing with the place when you move out? Can he afford it on his own? Maybe he should just move out. I know, that is a lot of questions but I feel like I need more info.
    Your Friend, m.

    • Heather says:

      Kicking the roommate out wouldn’t help because we still wouldn’t have enough room that we could nix our storage unit. I would love to get another apartment the same size plus a garage but The Husband is dead set against it. He wants a HOUSE and will not compromise. It’s just impossible to afford an actual house in our area and if we move to where we can afford a house it will double my already 45min-hour commute. That is why I am so excited to find this dump of house in our area even though it is not ideal, it’s the closest thing to common ground we have come to.

      This is the one thing The Husband and I don’t see eye to eye on. I’m of the mind that I want the most ghetto house in a nice area and he would rather live in the sticks in a big place. I’m a city girl from San Francisco and want to live downtown in a sexy loft, and he wants a long ass commute to get a big place cheap.

  2. Mark says:

    Got it! Thanks for explaining all of that. I hope that you enjoy your, as you said, “dump of house”. Too funny! m.

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