30ish Years in The Big Box.

The Big Box with my mobile office and the Muffin Boy Cat.

Last night I had to get The Big Box out of the top of the closet to find a picture. The Big Box that is full of random crap that is super meaningful and deeply personal. The Big Box that has been collecting 30ish years of memories. So far I’ve found a ton of pics, obituaries, invitations, art gallery opening anouncements, drawings, tattoo designs, paintings, keys, student ID’s, rave flyers, concert tickets, rocks, bottle caps, plane tickets, movie tickets, train tickets, BART passes, bus transfers, love letters, cards, birth announcements, staff passes, business cards, invitations, postcards, keys, job name tags, school swag, figurines, glass, wood, festival bracelets and so much more. If I can get a scanner firing on all cylinders I’m going to do a series of posts with some of the cooler stuff that I have held on to.

A few years ago when all of San Diego was on fire we were on evacuation standby waiting for the reverse 911 call. We had one car load of stuff stacked next to the front door ready to evacuate. And The Big Box was one of the few sentimental things I stacked next to the door. That was a really interesting exercise, to look at your whole house of possessions and pick what fits in your trunk and leave the rest behind. I was grateful I had recently cleaned out my closet and had all my really important stuff organized. I had The Big Box, a milk crate with important documents, 2 jewelry boxes, food and water, clothes, blankets, cat crate for the Muffins and all their necessary stuff. We were very lucky and the fires never made it to us. Can you imagine my Roommate and I living in my Buick with 2 cats? This was before The Husband or the 4Runner came into my life. That would have been crazy.

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One Response to 30ish Years in The Big Box.

  1. Jen says:

    This is totally a military thing. When I lived overseas almost everyone had their “big box” in some form or another. We would open them and likewise open our souls. It was always interesting to look inside and learn about someone.

    Mine has old articles that I had written in school, crazy pictures, a paper butterfly…good stuff.

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