Burning Man Rites of Passage 2011.

burning man 2011 rites of passage day time collage

The Man, The Temple, Me napping and Me in the “O” of  the “LOVE” installation.

As I mentioned one of the bummers of my hiatus is not blogging about the positive things that happened in 2011. Burning Man was for sure one of my brightest highlights of last year, as it is every year. I was still not fully recovered from my mystery disease but I stuck it out, forged on and had a blast!

Since we’ve been going so many years in a row preparation is not half as daunting as it could be. All our gear including PVC, parachute, rebar, tents, shower, tables, chairs, sleeping bags and mattresses are all together in our storage unit. We have plastic tubs already full of rope, tape, lanterns, LED’s, bike parts, etc. So all we really have to worry about is taking inventory of what we’ve already got and acquiring food, booze and bikes. Bikes really only last for one trip to the Playa so we get “new” Craigslist bikes each year.

burning man 2011 rites of passage hair and outfits collage

My hair, lots of rhinestones, an appropriate amount of Panda and comfort were the main focus of this year’s Burner fashion.

I did do good amount of preparation on my hair and outfits this year. I absolutely LOVE having my hair braided. It’s so colorful, full and easy to maintain. But you really have to commit to an extremely painful 11 hours sitting in a chair having your head torn at in teeny tiny sections. I think it is totally worth it but The Husband says he doesn’t like it and this is the last year I get to do it. (Ha! Like he is the boss or something.) I also spent countless hours gluing rhinestones to yoga paints and making a few items. I say “making” not sewing because I can’t sew and used fabric glue on everything. I totally dig how everything came out and most importantly everything was very comfortable and adaptable for day and night.

burning man 2011 rites of passage friday night

Yacht mutant vehicle, The Husband and I, the Trojan Horse and a cool multi media art installation.

We went for the full week but Friday night was by far my favorite night. We followed the Trojan Horse out into the middle of the Playa with everyone else for some serious partying. We had met one of the owners of the Yacht earlier in the week and were lucky enough to get on it to watch the pirotechnics and burning of the horse. And we stayed on it almost all night dancing our asses off as it cruised around the Playa pounding music. It was SO FUN!!

burning man 2011 rites of passage map and satellite view

Black Rock City map and satellite image, red arrow is at 5:30 and Initiation where we camped. Photo credit.

Black Rock City is about 3 miles in diameter and this year 53,963 people participated. I say participated because this entire happening is fueled by community. It’s hard to describe the love and energy of this event. There is reason why many call going to Burning Man “coming home”, because that’s exactly how you feel while you are there- Home.

burning man 2011 rites of passage art installations and panda

3 more art installations and the 3 foot tall Panda that was on the back of my bike.

I feel like it just gets better and better each year and this was the best year yet. The Husband and I have come to terms with the fact that we might not make it back this year. It breaks my heart to think about not going “Home” this year. But we have some long term goals we are trying achieve and who knows? Maybe at the last minute we’ll find a way of going anyways. As of now I’ve made my peace with missing a year and I am trying to getting excited for all the other types of accomplishments we are making.

I think every single person on this earth should experience Burning Man at least once in their life. It renews my faith in humanity every year. It truly is amazing.

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