Going Snowboarding and to Frolic in the Snow this Weekend.

Driving up to the mountains and the view from my board last March.

The Husband’s friends have rented a cabin for the weekend and we are all heading for the hills. I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I have hit the slopes. We’ve been to the snow to play but I haven’t boarded. There is only one person that is considering going boarding with me, so I’ll probably end up just doing a half day by myself. Which is fine with me, I actually really enjoy bobbin’ along at my own pace. It’s really peaceful to swoosh along in the quiet snow. The rest of the weekend will be in sharp contrast with lots of rowdy drinking, hyper kids and overindulging of every kind.

Cheers to a super fun weekend!

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Muffin Photo Experiment.

The other day The Husband was sick and I was couped up with him playing nurse. Being home bound I got to spend a lot of quality time with my Muffins. I took all these pics with my phone and pasted them together for this pop art homage to Girl Cat.

This video explains a lot. Sometimes I come home and there will be tufts of hair rolling like little fuzzy tumble weeds in the hall. I’ve never had 2 cats at once before, but now that I do I will always adopt in pairs. Girl Cat and Boy Cat absolutely adore each other and play all the time. Sometimes rougher than other times but they really love each other. When it gets cold they curl up together and I don’t worry about them being home alone so much because they have one another keep themselves occupied.

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Tropical Chicken Wraps.

  • Chicken diced into little cubes and marinated in generic “luau mix” with vegetable oil and apple cider vinegar
  • Romaine thinly sliced
  • Pineapple
  • Red onion
  • Granny Smith apples
  • Tomato
  • Feta
  • Jalapenos
  • Wheat tortillas

When I put the marinade on the chicken I set a little aside before hand so that I could drizzle it over the wraps when they were done. And I fried the chicken in small batches over super high heat so that the edges got crispy and caramely. I used whole wheat low-carb tortillas to make the wraps and they tasted like cardboard. I’ve really been trying to “be good” but I wonder how much better the low-carb tortillas are than the regular whole wheat tortillas. The regular whole wheat tortillas taste a million times better than the low-carb ones.

In regards to Project Panda* I’m doing OK, not good or great, just OK. In January I’ve lost between 5 and 10 pounds and I’m hoping I’ll continue to loose. My goal was to loose between 1 and 3 pounds a week but that has not exactly been happening. I do awesome on the weekdays and bring all my healthy food to work and have been hitting the gym on my way home 4 times a week. But the weekends are a real struggle with food and booze and a lack of productive exercise. I’m just going to keep on trucking, even if the process is painfully slow and results seem non-existent. Loosing a few pounds is good but the total amount I need loose make it seem like a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of things. I also joined a new hoity toity gym/day spa to help with my motivation. It’s woman only and very new and fancy. I even get a free facial or swedish massage included in my membership each month. It sort of makes me feel like a spoiled brat, but is very nice!

*My current weight loss endeavor.

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Happy Birthday My Love.

The Husband as a munchkin many years ago in Lebanon.

We’ve been together 2 years now, however this your first birthday and our first Valentine’s Day that we will have celebrated together. 2009 I was out of town because I had made plans before we had met. 2010 tragedy struck our lives and we were apart. But this year 2011 and every year for the rest of years we will be together celebrating the magic of this day that brought you into this world. You are my permanent Valentine forever. I love you so much and promise to make every February 14th the most fun, exciting and romantic day that I can for you. Tonight we are celebrating just the 2 of us and having intimate picnic on the beach. We will snuggle up on a sleeping bag, drink wine, eat cheese and chocolate, and smoke hookah while watching the waves crash in the moonlight. And I will be the happiest woman alive curled up in your arms being forever grateful that today is the day you were born and that you are my Valentine. I love you honey bunz.

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Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend to ALL My Pandas!

It’s supposed to be a gorgeous weekend! Today it’s 71 degrees and tomorrow it’s supposed to hit 79 degrees. This weekend is a couple of our friends’ birthdays and The Husband’s birthday is on Monday, so we will be partying it up in Sunny San Diego. Yep that’s right, The Husband’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day.

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Our Burning Man Tickets are Here!

Perimeter pics from our Burning Man trip 2010.

I’m so excited our tickets came. The Husband and I are really living up this trip to the fullest. It might be our last wild and crazy adventure just the two of us. I still have high hopes of registering “Burning Panda’s Hookah Lounge” as a theme camp and going all out. I’m sure it will all depend on how much money we come back from Europe/Lebanon with.

The Man burns in 6 months, 25 days, 10 hours and 34 minutes!

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Pumpkin Head.

I posted this absolutely freakin’ adorable picture of The Husband snoozing to tumblr the last week.

When I showed it to him, he said: “I have a huge forehead”

I said: “Either your forehead is growing or your hair is shrinking.”

He replied: “Or both”

Which totally cracks me up. The Husband has a HUGE noggin’ and he does not have a neck. I actually think his neck receeded into his body under the enormous wieght of his head.

When I was a little munchkin part of my nickname was Pumpkin. It was not because I was as cute as a pumpkin or because I was as orange as a pumpkin. I was called Pumpkin because my head was as fat as one.

I’m afraid our children are doomed to have domes too. When baby making season comes and they measure the baby’s head in the sonogram, if anything to the effect of “big” or “large” escapes the technician’s lips… I’m scheduling a cesarean immediately!

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I Love My Muffins, But I am Not Fond of Dead Bodies in My Bed.

I absolutely adore my Muffins (cats). They are affectionately named Boy Cat and Girl Cat. Girl Cat is the one sporting the Hitler stash and Boy Cat is the bigger one. I don’t know what I would do with out them. They are super snuggly, respond when I talk to them and The Boy cat even plays fetch. I love them!

Every morning I go to work and leave The Husband happily snoring in bed. My only request is that he makes the bed every day. I am not a neat freak, I just prefer the cat hair to be on our comforter and not on our sheets. Sometimes I come home to a perfectly made bed and other times I come home to the above pic that totally freaks me out. I’m sure they are pillows but there is always that disconcerting voice in the back of my mind that screams “dead body!”. And the OCD in me cannot go about my business without prodding the lump to make sure it is soft like a pillow and not hard like limbs.

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The Man Who Started it All.

The Husband trying on his suit before he left for Indiana for the services.

Last week we lost someone, The Husband’s Great Uncle George passed away. In 2000 The Husband came to the US from Lebanon sponsored by Uncle George. The Husband left behind his entire family including his parents and siblings. Uncle George put him through college and introduced him to life in the US. After college he took his new found computer genius and moved to San Diego where I met him in 2009. Uncle George’s mind was robbed by Alzheimer’s many years before I met The Husband and I feel terrible that we never visited him in Indiana. How do I express such gratitude to someone now gone? Without his kindness and huge generosity I would not now have The Husband that is my life and future. Thank you Uncle George for all that I have and love, and for the future that is our growing family. I love you.

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What Do You Do While You are Driving?

I take pictures while I drive. Well technically I think the car has to be moving for it to be counted as driving. So more accurately, I take pictures while I’m parked in traffic on the freeway trying to get to and from work. I’ve been having lots of fun using instagr.am and hipstamatic and posting the pics to tumblr and twitter.

My commute is only 18 miles but it takes me on average about 45 minutes depending on the traffic. I’ve asked The Husband to find me a good language app to make this time a tad more useful. I can’t believe we are going to Europe and Lebanon in just 2 months! I don’t think I can learn a whole language but I would just like to have a few useful French and Arabic phrases down. Like “hello, nice to meet you”, “where is the bathroom”, “more wine please” and “please don’t behead me!”

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