I Interrupt this Blogging Hiatus with some Blogging about a Blogging Hiatus.

The Husband and I at the courthouse getting married April 27th 2010.

I interrupt this Unscheduled blogging hiatus to announce a Scheduled blogging hiatus.

I feel like I’m bursting with things to say and I have a million posts bouncing around in my head and filling up my drafts folder but alas none are polished enough to hit publish.  I have photo collages of our T.H.C. trip, a flat Panda adventure, birthday parties, beach basking, recipes, videos, wedding proposals, Muffins and our anniversary to share. But it will all have to wait until we get back because we leave tonight!

I can’t believe our long awaited trip is finally here so suddenly. My Mom, Dad, The Husband and I in England, France and Lebanon oh my! We are all so excited to meet our in-laws and new family in Lebanon. This is a reunion of epic proportions for The Husband since he hasn’t seen his parents, siblings or family since he came to the US over 10 years ago. I can’t even describe the emotions of our family old and new finally being together and meeting for the first time. I am absolutely thrilled that we all get to spend this time together.

I plan on taking lots of pictures and documenting as much as I can. Our phones have an international calling plan but we are turning off data so we will be at the mercy of free wi-fi while we are abroad. I’ve been updating twitter and tumblr and plan try to keep doing so.

On top of this amazing trip with both our families The Husband and I will be celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary while we are gone. Happy anniversary baby! I love you!

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