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Burning Man Rites of Passage 2011.

The Man, The Temple, Me napping and Me in the “O” of  the “LOVE” installation. As I mentioned one of the bummers of my hiatus is not blogging about the positive things that happened in 2011. Burning Man was for sure … Continue reading

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Bummer Dude.

The Husband and I at Burning Man Rites of Passage 2011. One of the big bummers about my near death blogging hiatus is that not all of 2011 completely sucked and now I don’t have any record of the cool stuff … Continue reading

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My Grand Return to Blogging. Alternately Titled- I Almost Died.

Me still smiling after my millionth botched IV in the hospital in Lebanon. When I last updated this blog I was leaving on what was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime. England, France and Lebanon with my parents … Continue reading

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I Interrupt this Blogging Hiatus with some Blogging about a Blogging Hiatus.

The Husband and I at the courthouse getting married April 27th 2010. I interrupt this Unscheduled blogging hiatus to announce a Scheduled blogging hiatus. I feel like I’m bursting with things to say and I have a million posts bouncing … Continue reading

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T.H.C. We Were Smokin’ Hot!

Left: C, Middle: T and the little boy on the right the cool chick that is growing out the awesomeness that was her mowhawk is Me. I’ve mentioned how well C knows my fears here and my super hot date … Continue reading

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30ish Years in The Big Box.

The Big Box with my mobile office and the Muffin Boy Cat. Last night I had to get The Big Box out of the top of the closet to find a picture. The Big Box that is full of random … Continue reading

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Dank ‘N’ Dirty Dubz Volume 15.

This is what I’m listening to today on . So far good groovy sounds, but I hope it picks up speed. I’m craving something extra filthy to get through the work day today. Bring it baby!

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I’m Going to Take the Random Coffins as a Good Omen.

3 coffins in the back yard of the house we are considering renting. The Husband and I desperately want to move into a bigger place just the two of us. We currently live in a teeny tiny 2 bedroom 2 … Continue reading

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Dog Sitting the Oz Muffin this Weekend.

Update: Everything went fine, the old fart survived the weekend and is back in his parents’ care. Thanks goodness! Vid of Ozzie the last time I took care of him. I always send Whodaddy and SS (Southern Sass) pics and … Continue reading

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Frolicking in the Snow in Big Bear.

The Husband super happy to shmob in the snow. We’re back bitches! And we had an absolutely delightful time. We decided to drive up late Friday night despite it being in the middle of the worst of the storm. It … Continue reading

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