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30ish Years in The Big Box.

The Big Box with my mobile office and the Muffin Boy Cat. Last night I had to get The Big Box out of the top of the closet to find a picture. The Big Box that is full of random … Continue reading

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Dog Sitting the Oz Muffin this Weekend.

Update: Everything went fine, the old fart survived the weekend and is back in his parents’ care. Thanks goodness! Vid of Ozzie the last time I took care of him. I always send Whodaddy and SS (Southern Sass) pics and … Continue reading

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Muffin Photo Experiment.

The other day The Husband was sick and I was couped up with him playing nurse. Being home bound I got to spend a lot of quality time with my Muffins. I took all these pics with my phone and … Continue reading

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I Love My Muffins, But I am Not Fond of Dead Bodies in My Bed.

I absolutely adore my Muffins (cats). They are affectionately named Boy Cat and Girl Cat. Girl Cat is the one sporting the Hitler stash and Boy Cat is the bigger one. I don’t know what I would do with out … Continue reading

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Extremely Intoxicated Taco Salad.

I don’t a have picture of my taco salad because I got really drunk on vodka while I was making it. I should have been drinking tequila! Thinly sliced cabbage Thinly sliced romaine Taco seasoned ground beef Pinto beans Red … Continue reading

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Shrimpy Salad and the Muffins.

This shrimp salad was not shrimpy at all, it was huge and delicious! Romaine lettuce Bay shrimp (tossed in a little lemon and salt) Kidney beans Red onion Russian dill pickles Hardboiled egg Avocado As long as I’m working on … Continue reading

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Wasting the Day Away, He has Until 2pm.

The Husband was out all night playing poker so I’m letting him sleep in. I’m spending my quiet time this Sunday messing around with different photo apps on my phone and getting better acquainted with!/burning_panda_ and I have a … Continue reading

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I Love My Muffins.

I have the absolute sweetest Muffins in the world. Girl Cat has a spot on her nose and Boy Cat’s is pink. I wanted to name them Pinky and Negro Nose but was told that was racially insensitive. So they … Continue reading

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