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Happy New Years!


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Happy Festivus from Mr. & Mrs. Panda Claus!

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All Wrapped and Ready to Roll.

I had more fun this year than any year before shopping and wrapping and getting ready for Christmas. The Husband would die if he knew how much I spent! But I really wanted our first Christmas as Husband and Wife … Continue reading

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Someone Call the Water Police!

It’s totally pouring rain all over Southern California right now. I absolutely LOVE the rain, I wish it rained much more often here. And guess what? The sprinklers in our courtyard are ON! Water conservation FAIL.

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Pie in the Sky I Wish I was High Pizza.

The Husband and I were in the mood for some junk food and carbs so I decided to make pizza under the delusion that Trader Joes wheat dough and fresh toppings would be slightly healthier than crap delivery. Mediterranean Style: … Continue reading

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Stopping to Smell the Roses.

  I got flowers just because The Husband loves me. Or he wanted to shut me up. Either way I don’t care because I got flowers! When The Husband came to pick me up for our first date January 13th, … Continue reading

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Happy Grime and Punishment Thursday!

9am-10am GRIME AND PUNISHMENT Dubstep’s Filthiest Sounds Dubstep Channel This makes my Thursday mornings so worth while. It almost washes away some of last nights Tequila binge!

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Burning Panda’s Dubstep Hookah Lounge!

I have a vision for our next Burning Man trip! I really want a theme camp so we can set up early and enjoy even more of our time in Black Rock. I want a dome like the last couple … Continue reading

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I Love this Picture More than Any Picture I’ve Ever Taken Ever.

I take a lot of pictures with my phone and camera. The pictures that I love the most capture a feeling or a moment in time that I want to hold onto forever. I look terrible in this picture with … Continue reading

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It was the Best Dinner Ever! And the Worst Dinner Ever!

After a full week of birthday dinners, lots of drinking and tons of fun… I decided fuck it! One more super rich carb filled dinner with wine won’t kill me. I saw a recipe for tomato cream sauce a long … Continue reading

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